Monday, May 2, 2011

WTC scenes the day after Osama's death

The news popped up on my screen last night while I was online watching entirely too many episodes of Parks and Recreation back-to-back. 

We got finally him--in his secret palace, no less! Brings to mind that fantastic scene from Hot Shots where they bomb Saddam Hussein whilst he lounges poolside. Only this really happened. And now they're both really dead.

I don't have a lot to say about this (other than a big, southern HELL YES!), but I do have some pictures I took with my phone from the World Trade Center today. I walk by the Freedom Tower's construction site everyday on my way to work. It's always surrounded by rubber-necking tourists and commuters going to and from their lives between NY and NJ. Today, it was even more crowded than usual with both of those groups of people, only it was eerily quiet. 

There was a distinct lack of the usual "bustling." Every one stood around the Freedom Tower, looking at one another, some smiling, some crying, a few holding flags--and several selling flags (gotta love our good ol' American capitalism)!

It was really an emotional place to walk through, even with the incessant drone of the helicopter over our heads and the police dogs panting their way menacingly through the crowd.

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures, and what's left of this momentous day!

Freedom Tower under construction

The Patriot
The Capitalist


  1. Excellent post! I was hoping you'd write something about a NY perspective. It's hard for me to trust the news; much easier to get an account from a good friend

  2. Thanks for the comment, Josh :) Glad you liked the post and hope you're doing better than I am on the Health Month thing...I think I may have overestimated my will power capabilities :I