Friday, August 7, 2009

The Economy Monster

Two and a half months ago I moved from Texas to New York with a BA in English and a pocket full of dreams. My master plan:

1) Get a job in publishing

2) Find my own place using the money made from recently acquired job in publishing

3) Write a Pulitzer Prize winning novel

4) Smile. Life is complete.

I know. Quite the cliché and more than a little naïve. But when I heard people talking about the “recession” second semester senior year, the word appeared just like that, in air quotes. It seemed as make believe as the monster under your bed or in your closet. Several interviews and no job later... I'm willing to consider the possibility of an Economy Monster.

So, in this blog I'm recording my story as a writer struggling to make it in New York (said with a fist-pump in the air!) Entries will range from laments about my continued failed efforts in this job market to crazy happenstances like my landlord locking me in my apartment. True story. Details TC.

Additionally, I’m shamelessly self-promoting in hopes of landing an online gig-- the only area in publishing not going down on a leaden ship. If for no other reason than to up my readership (no pun intended), it would be awesome if people made an effort to at least click on my new posts. Maybe a few hundred times, even. For funsies.

Oh, and if you leave a comment I will bake you a cookie. A virtual cookie, of course. Baked in a virtual stove. It will be virtually delicious :)


  1. I will post a comment for you. I, too, said "recession" until I went looking for a job with a BS in my hand. I will be praying for you on your journey.
    -Ashley Johnston

  2. Hey Leigh! Good luck with your endeavors in New York! I'm not really looking forward to the post-grad job search... but luckily I have two more semesters to figure out what I'm doing with the rest of my life!

    Now where's my cookie?

  3. I'll be reading your blog, I might be coming to New York after I graduate. Free Lance art director or something like that.

  4. I'll raise you a Master's degree and the unmoving job market that is San Antonio. Hang in there, the economy will recover eventually and we will both find wonderful jobs doing what we love to do. In the meantime, enjoy New York, and meet as many awesome people as you can.